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I am Ali Tkhagapsov, web marketer and affiliate, who wants to share all the best findings in the web market with anyone who firmly realized the need of paving the way to the web living. The money blogging is the first station along the road leading you to the financial independence. There are lots of costly techniques in the market that don't guarantee any income and this is the reason to move slower and wisely, counting on your own vision and development in the marketing. It’s true, a lot of starters end soon with their inspiration and go off the course having spent their money on promised programs and return to their old offline problems.

Firstly this is why I insist (almost like a doc :-)) on the FREE techniques to make initial earnings and avoid any frustration. As to me, I’ve took it for a rule (frankly, my Paypal account had no chance to be added from my side, so the rule wasn’t difficult to follow) :-). Except particular cases any affiliate program SHOULD BE FREE for initials if it is really working and its business-concept suppose involving you and your mutual benefits in result. Am I right?

And secondly, I insist on collecting your own knowledge about web marketing and getting your own sober assessment of any decision you are going to make. Well, in this connection I’d say you should set yourself to continuously learning. There’s a huge volume of the topics to work out. If you like getting new knowledge the web marketing is to your pleasure!

And thirdly, and maybe the basic, I insist on your loving attitude to the web marketing as it is really complex and thrilling way to not only money making but also exploring the life and your personal growth!

So, this blog is all about the money blogging as it is compliant to these three criteria:

1) It is absolutely FREE, though effective! (see the links below the article)

2) It is cognitive!

3) It is generating the positive attitude and fun!

Do not underestimate these criteria. Maybe you never thought like this, the web marketing is a real challenge to your self-concept.
Scaring? :-) Well, there is so much of sweet advertising in the web promising whole mounts of gold for nothing that I’ve decided to add a little bitter pill here, sorry. I mean I did not meet any web marketer who had never been discouraged about all of this at first.

Remember, any aspect of your life can be feeding. Is that so is completely up to you. Keep your interest and passion. To life, not to marketing. Use the market challenges to open up your latent capabilities and features you never supposed to have! Have a joy!

There are a few more business models effective under these criteria, like article and e-books writing, free give-away and others that I’m going to cover later. You can find them amongst the SuperLinks to the right below and get first impression.

Now just learn what is it blogging and how you can make it working on you.

And don't forget to take action!:-)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Web Business Integrated Tool

To my valued subscribers,

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